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February 2023

We are pleased to announce the winners of “On the Music Waves – International song contest”
First of all we want to thank all the participants who entered the competition from several countries of the world (Italy, Serbia, United Kingdom, USA, China, Romania, Poland, Singapore, Brazil, Latvia, Hungary, Czech Republic, South Korea, Moldavia, Bulgaria, Greece, Australia, Switzerland, Ecuador, Togo, Slovenia, Syria, France and Germany).
The musical level was very high, and also for this reason we have awarded 5 winners in the first 3 places, and the ex aequo winners will receive the entire prize!
Many artists deserve to bring their music to light and with great pleasure we will promote them on our social channels and in our e-magazine, some of them we point out now with special mentions, but there would be many more... we will let you know them very soon!

The jury's comments for the winners in the pages of the artists!


1st prize “Ildikó Barta (Ungheria) with the song “Találkozások” (“Incontri”)

2nd prize (ex aequo) The Things We Hide (band) (Italy) with the song “Opposite side of love”
2nd prize (ex aequo) EEF (band) (Italy) with the song “Downtown”

3rd prize (ex aequo) Chantal Barraco (Italy) with the song Not just somebody”
3rd prize (ex aequo) ADRyANA C (Moldavia) with the song “Tears in the moonlight”

given by the Art-Waves Cultural Association:

“Matteo Venneri” (Italy) with the song “Oro nel cuore”

“Jee Seo” (South Korea) with the song “Oppa is a free spirit”

“Jan Škorvánek” (Czech Republic) with the song “My little wolf”

“Caro” (Germany) with the song “Where I belong”

“Gian Marco Gottarelli” (Italy) with the song “Fragile”

“Ana Sretenović” (Štras) (Serbia) with the song “Neonski Bogovi”

“Alberto Baldo” (Italy) with the song “Qualche giorno in più”

given by the She Lives Association:

“Nikos Galenianos” (Greece) with the piece “Canto 1”

“Ryan Latimer” (United Kingdom) with the piece “Speaking of Letters and Dancing”

“Jie Teng” (China) with the piece “Jiangnan Spring”

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