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The Art-Waves Cultural Association in order to promote international musical culture, set up On the Music Waves - International Song Contest, open to musicians from all over the world.  

The competition takes place through the sending of the pieces, there is no need to make a live performance.



The competition is open to musicians (soloists, bands, performers and composers/authors) of all ages and nationalities.

The competition theme is the composition of an original piece of music that includes the voice or more voices including the choir.  (No cover).

The use of all kinds of musical instruments is allowed. Also voice alone (without instruments).  

The piece can include the voice in all its expressive forms: singing, acting, declamation, vocoder, etc...  

The piece must not exceed 10 minutes in length. There are no minimum duration limits.  

The piece can be sent in mp3 audio format, via link for online listening or score in pdf format. The text, which will be sent in pdf format, can be in any language. If the language of the text is different from the main European languages (Italian, English, German, French, Spanish), a translation into one of the aforementioned languages is welcome.  

The piece may have already been performed and published, and have been awarded in other competitions than those of the Art-Waves Cultural Association. Pieces not awarded in previous editions of competitions of the Association can be sent again.  

There are no style limitations, including crossover music. The jury will evaluate the musical quality and originality of the writing.  

Prize Fund: 3000 euros + extra prizes.

1° Prize:
Scholarship value 1000 euros
+ portfolio (personal page of the artist / band / composer) at the Art-Waves website (a)
+ Interview published on Art-Waves social media channels and on the online e-magazine (b).

  • Potential bonus “Excellence Prize” for the winner: an additional 700 euros and Excellence Prize will be awarded should the average score exceed 9 points out of 10.

2° Prize:
Scholarship value 500 euros
+ portfolio (personal page of the artist / band / composer) at the Art-Waves website (a)
+ Interview published on Art-Waves social media channels and on the online e-magazine (b).

  • Potential bonus “Distinction Prize” for second place: an additional 300 euros and Distinction Prize, will be awarded should the average score exceed 8.5 points out of 10

3° Prize:
Scholarship value 300 euros
+ portfolio (personal page of the artist / band / composer) at the Art-Waves website (a)
+ Interview published on Art-Waves social media channels and on the online e-magazine (b).

  • Potential bonus “Recognition Prize” for third place: an additional 200 euros and Recognition Prize, will be awarded should the average score exceed 8 points out of 10.

Extra bonus for all participants in the competition:
the jury members and the organization of the Art-Waves reserve the right to contact the participants deemed most interesting for any collaborations in the musical artistic field.  

(a) The winners, in order to be published in the portfolio pages of Art-Waves, after the awarding of the prize, must provide the following material: photos, videos, music and everything they deem appropriate to allow the organization to advertise their musical activity.
(b) The winners will be interviewed by our team. It will be possible to carry out the interview in Italian or English.  

The deadline for entering the competition is 29 February 2024 (23:59 Rome time). Entries received after the deadline will not be taken into account. The organization reserves the right to extend this date. The new deadline will eventually be communicated through the official websites and social channels.  

The competition participation fee for the first piece submitted is:  
  • 40 euros for the single participant,
  • 55 euros for the participation of a duo,
  • 65 euros for the participation of a band of 3 or more members.

Membership of the Art-Waves Cultural Association is included in the participation fee (in the case of a duo or band the leader of the band will be registered), the competition is therefore reserved for members.  
Each composer can participate in the competition with a maximum of 5 pieces (first piece + 4 others). A sum of 20 Euros will be paid for each additional piece.  

For clarity, the following are the participation fees in relation to the number of compositions sent:

Single participant:
1 piece 40 euros
2 pieces 60 euros
3 pieces 80 euros
4 pieces 100 euros
5 pieces 120 euros

Participants in duo:
1 piece 55 euros
2 pieces 75 euros
3 pieces 95 euros
4 pieces 115 euros
5 pieces 135 euros

Band participants from 3 members up:
1 piece 65 euros
2 pieces 85 euros
3 pieces 105 euros
4 pieces 125 euros
5 pieces 145 euros

The participation fee can be paid either by bank transfer or through PayPal.  

Bank transfer:
Associazione Culturale Art-Waves
IBAN: IT27U0503403291000000020250
Purpose of the payment: Participant Name Registration
(example: "Mike Smith Registration". For duo and band always enter only the name of the member representative and NOT THE NAME OF THE DUO OR BAND)

For PayPal – click on the button "Donate" below and set the fee
(choose the language at the bottom right of the PayPal page – Italian or English).
Do not make PayPal payments by email or otherwise.
The contribution for the transaction costs is welcome
(click in the box at the bottom of the PayPal page "Add to help cover the fees").

12. JURY
Alessio Ventura - President of the Jury
He participates 4 times in the "Sanremo Festival" winning at "Sanremo Giovani 1994" with the song "Irene" together with the band "Dhamm" and winner of the "Volare Award" at the "Festival di Sanremo 2004" with the song "Basterà" together with the band “DB Boulevard”. Gold record with the album "Dhamm". He has participated in various musical programs such as "Festivalbar", "Vota la voce", "Roxy Bar", etc. He has worked as author of lyrics and music for television network RAI and Sky. His songs have been published by "EMI", "BMG Ricordi", "Airplane! Records", "Music and Revolution".
Biography, discography and complete musical career on the official website.

M° Alessio Elia
His works are published by "Universal Edition", "Universal Music Publishing" and "Warner Classics". He has received commissions from some of the most important international musical institutions including "I Solisti della Scala di Milano". His pieces are regularly performed all over the world (Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, Grand Hall of the Liszt Academy in Budapest, Menuhin Festival in Oslo, Mahler Festival in Budapest, Accademia Filarmonica Romana, Levinsalen and Lindemansalen in Oslo, Mannheimer Kunstverein, LAC - Lugano Arte e Cultura Auditorium, Hungarian National Radio Studies, Forum Neue Musik - Palais Priz Carl in Heidelberg, Sala Bartók of the Palace of Arts - National Auditorium in Budapest, BMC - Budapest Music Center, Arnold Schoenberg Center in Vienna, Oggimusica Festival in Lugano, Contemporary Arts Festival Budapest, Yamaha Concert Hall Vienna, Yong Siew Toh Singapore, etc.) and broadcast on radio stations including "RAI Radio 3" (Italy), "Radio Vaticana" , "Saarländischer Rundfunk" (Germany) "Magyar Televízió" (Hungary), "Duna TV" (Hungarian State TV), "Radio Bartók" (Hungary).
Biography, discography and complete musical career on the official website.

Ilaria De Rosa
In 2011 she made her debut at the Verona Arena with the musical "Peter Pan" in the role of Giglio Tigrato, directed by Maurizio Colombi with the music by "Edoardo Bennato". She performed in theatre together with Enrico Brignano in the show "Enricomincio da me", afterwards in the shows "Flashdance" and "Balliamo sul mondo" directed by Chiara Noschese with the music by Luciano Ligabue. In 2013 she composes together with Maria Grazia Fontana her first single "Svendo i miei perché". She made her film debut by becoming the official vocalist of Emma Watson in the role of Belle in the remake of "Beauty and the Beast" with the music of Alan Menken. She gives her voice for speech and singing to the character of Dolores Madrigal in the Disney movie "Encanto". She dubbed the singing of the characters: Vanellope in "Ralph Breaks the Internet", Marla Brenner in "Playmobil: The Movie" and Darling in "Lady and the Tramp" for the TV channel "Disney +".

Note: It is strictly forbidden to contact the members of the jury. Anyone attempting to contact jury members will be disqualified.

To participate prepare the following documents:

  • Mp3 of the audio recording or the link where you can listen to the song online or score(s) in PDF.
  • Text/s (in the files indicate the authors of the lyrics and the composers of the music).
        (Handwritten scores and texts can be submitted as long as they are clearly legible).
  • Receipt of payment or screenshot of the payment of the participation fee.

Go to entry page and submit the application form.
(For minors, a parent or legal guardian must submit the application form).

Applications for participation and the relative registration fees must be sent by 23:59 (Rome time) of 29 February 2024. Registrations and payments received after this date will not be considered.  

The participation fee is non-refundable.  

The candidate representing the piece entered in the competition will be awarded (soloist, duo, band, author/composer, etc…). In the event that the candidate does not correspond with the author/composer, it will be the responsibility of the participant to provide the authors and composers' disclaimer on the use of the piece, through a specific form that will be sent by the organization. The winners will be announced by 31 March 2024. The jury's decision is final and not appealable. The results will be announced on our websites and through our social media platforms, as well as via private emails to the winners.  

By participating in the competition the candidates accept all the rules that determine it and the processing of personal data in accordance with the current European regulations (GDPR 2016/679).
The Data Controller is Cultural Association Art-Waves.

The organization of the competition reserves the right to make any changes to this regulation that may be necessary for the conduct of the event or due to force majeure.

Participation in the competition implies formal acceptance by the participants of this regulation in each of its articles.

For more information read FAQ page or write to:

Statistiche accessi
Cultural Association - Rome
Associazione Culturale - Roma
C.F. 90096860581
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