The Things We Hide - On The Music Waves

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1st edition "ON THE MUSIC WAVES"
The Things We Hide
with the song "Opposite side of love"

"Excellent song both in the arrangement and in the structure of the song itself. The melodic line of the song is original and the voice is very beautiful.
The sonorities recall a northern European sound and the ways in which the different instruments are combined are interesting, achieving a coherent and unusual amalgam of sound. The "out of tune" of the glockenspiel is interesting and fits well into the harmonic texture.
The chorus sound layers insinuate well into the "biting" sound of the guitars"


It's gotta be somewhere -
there's gotta be something
out there to reward me
for all of the patience -
'cause there's something evil with the way you talk,
there's something evil with the way you talk.

A gentle reminder -
hatred and pain,
seeing no sunshine days - no more.
"What you say is pointless,
shallow and vain",
you used to scream and waved
from the opposite side of love.

(There's something evil with the way you talk)
(There's something evil with the way you walk)
(There's something evel with the way you lock -
me out of your thoughts.)

A life spent rewinding -
reliving mistakes,
speaking the black mother tongue of love.
The pure disappointment
etched on your face -
baby be brave, be brave
on the opposite side of love.

The weight of a sentence -
"You always complain".
Born to believe in love, I was
neglecting my own self,
sharing you fate.
You could choose to leave, but stay
on the opposite side of love.

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