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The Art-Waves Cultural Association in order to promote international musical culture, set up “On the Music Waves” - International Song Contest, open to musicians from all over the world.


30 March 2024

We are pleased to announce the winners of “On the Music Waves – International song contest” (2nd edition).
First of all we want to thank all the participants who entered the competition from several countries of the world (Italy, Serbia, Bulgaria, USA, China, Romania, Poland, Singapore, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ireland, South Korea, Moldavia, Greece, Switzerland, Slovenia, France and Germany).
Many artists deserve to bring their music to light and with great pleasure we will promote them on our social channels and in our e-magazine, some of them we point out now with special mentions, but there would be many more... we will let you know them very soon!


1st PRIZE - Tom Tea (Italy) with the song "See how they glisten (Hommage to Stephen Sondheim)"
The jury's comment:
Composition that recalls the style and structure of a musical song, conceived in fact as a tribute to the famous composer, author, and playwright Stephen Sondheim, in which progressive choral sounds also echo. Well arranged project, sung and created with high professional value, in which the amalgam of the five voices (soprano, contralto, tenor, baritone, and bass) blends well in the choices of precisely crafted harmonies.

2nd PRIZE - Jeny Krincheva (Bulgaria) with the song "Hopeless"
The jury's comment:
Song that collects the suggestions of a sleepless night, in which one seeks the presence of the beloved to heal the wounds of a life that seems hopeless.
The song has a solid and well-organized structure, and evokes a world full of emotions and sensitivity.
The voice, very convincing and with a beautiful timbre, is that of the very young composer of the piece, just fourteen years old, which suggests a further development of the already consistent artistic solidity, and instills hope and positivity in the future of the new generations of artists.

3rd PRIZE - Black Idol (Serbia) with the song "Son of No Desire"
The jury's comment:
Acidic sounds that fit well into the profound meaning of the text which investigates the human soul between ambitions and desires that are missed because perhaps they are too high.
The arrangement is well done with a vocal dimension appropriate to the sound of the instrumental timbres.


Alberto Baldo (Italy) with the song "Dal grattacielo"
Marr Not Meeger (Switzerland) with the song "Yellowcar"
Stefano Guizzo (Italy) with the song "Insensibile"
QuintaEssenza (band) (Italy) with the song "Mission to planet earth"
Cinder Swan
(band) (Italy) with the song "Satellite"
Sweetie KOKA (Czech Republic) with the song "What Keeps Me Alive"
Mommo (Italy) with the song "Canta tu"
EEF (band) (Italy) with the song "That's my girl"
Annalaura Lacalamita (Italy) with the song "Scordandoti del resto"

Ilaria De Rosa
"Walt Disney Records"
"Cantieri Sonori"
"D'altro canto"
M°Alessio Elia
"Universal Edition"
"Universal Music Publishing"
"Warner Classics"
Alessio Ventura
"BMG Ricordi"
"Airplane! Records"
"Musica e Rivoluzione"

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